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General Want List/Collection post

Just a place to chuck my stupidly LARGE amount of general, half-hearted wants, whether or not they're on my current collection lists, to be edited and mucked around with as needed.

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Currently collecting~
Everything Staraptor. A DX UFO plush (first under the cut) is my top prio right now.

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Aaand that's enough for today. ♥


I want to be collecting them again, soon. ♥

I fell out of the loop of keeping up with pkmncollectors when my bills started to slowly pile up, but now that I'm moving back into my mum's place I'll have plenty of time to pay off my bills and start saving again. Which hopefully means lots more books, and lots more Pokémon.

Here's to hoping I get more Starbirdies, and fill out my side collections. ♥

Eragon by Christopher Paolini - review

Eragon is one of those books that has potential. It has potential to be a really well-written fantasy, albeit one with little originality to it. Too many aspects of it are taken straight from things like Dragonriders of Pern, Lord of the Rings, possibly even Magician (though I haven't read that or anything related to the universe in so long I can't make a good comparison) and many others to boot. It is so full of tropes, stereotypes, and clichés, that my head ended up swimming with all of the I've Seen This So Many Times. Frankly, everything Eragon tries to be just...doesn't. It doesn't work. Fantasy has always struck me as a genre that you can create very rich and interesting worlds around old ideas and rehashes, bringing your own spice of character and world-building to it. Or it can be utterly ground-breaking, setting new standards for modern fantasy - much like Lord of the Rings, Magician, pretty much anything Pratchett or Eddings (though I haven't read Eddings yet, I'm sorry!) and (in my own personal opinion) the Realm of the Elderlings series.

Eragon has none of that. There is no spice, no flavour, no heat to his characters, and far too few of them are interesting. There were also too many characters based directly off of real people for my own comfort (though, saying this, Angela still ended up being one of the more interesting ones). Everything about the story - the world-building, the plot, the characters most importantly - are bland and dull and hair-rip-outingly boring. Even Saphira, who should really be the star of the show, isn't anything apart from your stereotypical, standard dragon character, able to speak to an extent and arrogant at times. Nothing new there. Though, for those faults, the plot development was actually not too bad. There just wasn't much of an interesting plot to begin with, though.

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This book could've been good if some editors out there were actually willing to smack him upside the head and point out everything that was wrong with this. Which was most of it. This goes to show that popularity gained through publicity is not always duly warranted.

Castle in the Air by Diana Wynne Jones

I love these books, and after reading Howl's Moving Castle I often quite happily scold myself for not reading them sooner. I can reread them until kingdom come and not get bored of them.

Here there be spoilers and such ~

I won't lie, I was a little hesitant to get into this book. The setting seemed so wildly different from Howl's Moving Castle
that I was concerned it would be difficult to get absorbed into the
book. Nonetheless, I was eager to read it and got stick after some
initial panicking.

I was hooked onto it almost immediately. One
of the things I quickly noticed with the first book is that Jones'
writing is very easy to get into, no matter your level of experience
with reading. It's quirky and colourful, and rarely lets the story dry
out. The writing style is slightly more smoothed out and somewhat
improved in Castle in the Air, but doesn't lose that ease of enjoyment whatsoever.

Going to start with the cons, as there were only really two I could find:

The Niecebrides - I like seeing characters that aren't fat just for the sake of it,
which these two did seem to be. It made me sort of uncomfortable that
one of the reasons pointed out for why Abdullah found them so
unappealing was simply because Flower-in-the-Night was not fat.

for thinking they would make companions for Flower-in-the-Night -
phooey! She was intelligent, educated and kind, as well as being
beautiful (and thin).'

That's not really a good enough
reason for me personally, and reading that really made me squirm a fair
bit. It seemed like there was plenty enough to find unappealing about
them without bringing body size into it.

The Soldier and his cats - At first they did seem interestingly throw-away, but by the end of
the book I just loved how much they did indeed tie in with the story.
Despite that, the subplot of them travelling and just trying to get to
Kingsbury seemed a tad drawn out, though it was good for getting to know
Abdullah better.

I've already mentioned most of the pros I've listed out, but I've yet to mention my favourite:

Sophie and Howl - I loved these two in the first book, and I just adore them in this
one. Sophie in particular. She's so hilariously useless with her newborn
baby, despite being clearly a great mother in the making, but as he's
still just a newborn coming to terms with not being a kitten, she's just
so out of her comfort zone. I love that. The first book did imply that
Howl was good with kids to an extent - or should I say Howell, as much
of that shines through when he's interacting with his niece and nephew.

'Howl seemed more used to holding babies than Sophie was. He rocked Morgan
soothingly and stared at him. Morgan stared, rather balefully, back. "My
word, he's ugly!" Howl said. "Chip off the old block."'

Sophie and Howl, and now with Morgan, are one of the extreme few cases where I
really actively enjoyed a relationship in a story (even though it isn't
really shown aside from some hugging, possibly a kiss here or there,
can't recall). They're an entirely unconventional family and I just
loved reading about them.

I love these books. I'll reread them often I predict, and enjoy them just
as much each time. It's completely understandable to see why her books
are often called classics. I know I can't get enough of them.

750words... apparently becoming a paid site as of next month sometime. I can't confirm it, I'm too lazy to look into it further.

I understand that the host is a living, breathing person and therefore needs money to run his free site that otherwise ran entirely on patron donations. I can entirely understand him deciding to make it a paid service, probably a choice that wasn't the easiest for him to make. A lot of people, myself included, really enjoy 750words and that it's free. I know I for one will have trouble keeping up with monthly payments. Therefore, I assume a lot, if not all of my daily pages will be chucked here onto LJ instead, either public or private depending on the subject. Kinda wish there was a way to automatically track word-count (is there?) but oh well, I can always cross-check with Docs or FocusWriter.

So that's slightly frustrating.


I finally finished NaNoWriMo, and I'm absolutely stoked about it.

50,000 words, in 25 days. That's pretty good for me, considering I'm so lazy and unmotivated all the time. I guess something about this story just clicked nicely with me; I had a lot of fun making character concepts, thinking up aliens, and poking my friends for characters they wanted to throw in as well. It's stayed mostly on track, though some parts of it went off on tangents I wasn't expecting. I love writing, if only for that reason.

I tend to refer to the story as Story, and think of it like a river. You can put a ton of effort into moulding it into a shape you want it to be, or you can let Story flow and allow it to make its own path. It's often surprising where it can take you, but at least for me, fighting the Story almost never ends well for anybody.

I'm maybe...halfway through the story now, if it stays on track like I'm planning it to. Maybe a bit further than that. It would be brilliant to get a draft of ~100,000 words done, that would really kick ass. Ripping that up for editing would be really fun I'd think.

Maybe next year I'll go for 2000+ words daily, rather than just 1667. I won't lie, sometimes just the daily target was overly difficult for me to reach. Everyone has days where writing ten words is just ugggh. Two thousand would not be the easiest for me, but it would be a good challenge and learning experience. If I did manage that though, I'd cleanly reach at least 60,000 by December. That would kick ass.

Oh, and sometime I need to try to incorporate romance of some sort into something. I nearly managed it with last year's story, but it's still dangling over my head and eluding me. I just can't stand romance normally ;-; It pisses me off so much...I guess to my disgruntlement that means it's time to read and watch a ton of romance-y things to get my head around it a little. But no. :<

Here's to no sleep once again for an entire night. ♥


So, it's been a week since Kiko has joined the family. I was getting so miserable seeing Ligo getting more reclusive as time went by; Foolie dying hit her pretty hard. She's always been so active and fluttery and social, but being alone with nothing but a silly human for company really wasn't enough for her. Granted, she's made more taming progress than ever while it was just the two of us, but I'd rather see her untame and happy than tame and not quite fulfilled.

My mum's known for about a month that I'd be getting another budgie to keep Ligo company, I just didn't know when exactly since I was hit in the face with a big bill. Not fun. Nonetheless, she surprised me by bringing over a really lovely-looking little white-base Dom. Pied girl. The pet store was convinced Kiko's a boy, but I'm fairly certain that isn't the case. She acts more female than Ligo does, in any case. She's only about two months old, so hopefully she's with us for a long while.

She's got character already. Ligo is often really overbearing and too much for less active birds; she's also a bossy snot when she doesn't get her way. Kiko's been more than willing to stand up against her and put her in her place, which is already showing to help their new friendship. Ligo will definitely be the 'male' of the two, so she needs to learn how to be more humble and submissive when need be.

Hopefully she'll be a strong flyer as well. There's been improvement in her control literally every time she jumps out of the cage, it's wonderful to see. She so far has the same problem that Ligo had when she was younger; flying too hard and fast without controlling, and causing her to hit the walls more often than not. That was the first thing I saw improvement on, though! Soon she'll be as good a flyer as Ligo, and will know all of the budgie haunts that Ligo sticks to in the apartment. Thankfully that's only two places.

They're getting ready for a nap right now. ♥
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Staraptor, yes please.

Tiny precursor to a proper introductory post, lol.

Well. I have very little in the way of Pokémon collected, however! - I plan to fix this by collecting what little Staraptor paraphernalia there seems to be someone please enlighten me and prove me wrong here, as a start, and eventually move onto collecting Flying types as a whole.

So yes.